About Us

Divisible By Zero is an Award- winning supplier of innovative toys and games

Since 1998, we have been dedicated to providing resellers with exceptional products that delight children & families.  You will find our quality products online and instore at independent retailers nationwide.

We distribute a range of brands that includes Carma Games, Moluk, Fascinations Metal Earth, Honeycombs, PlayMe, Mobi and more.

Our expertise lies in thoughtfully selecting products that not only entertain but also stimulate and educate children in various stages of their development.

From baby toys and games to art & craft, puzzles and wooden toys our extensive range of products caters for all ages

We are committed to work with suppliers that focus on sustainability.  

We pride ourselves on prompt dispatch of orders and unparalleled customer support, ensuring complete satisfaction.

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Divisible By Zero’s environmental sustainability policy

Divisible By Zero’s legacy as a business has strong ties to sustainability and environmental sustainability in particular is central to our vision as an organisation. 

The founders of Divisible By Zero have always been personally concerned with sustainability and the environment, which has carried into their company from its inception.

Sustainability has been a focus since the formation of the business with our first product, Bioviva. Bioviva is made using recycled and recyclable materials and vegetable-based inks, with game pieces made from certified sustainable timber. Bioviva is a fun-filled trivia style game centred around fascinating facts about nature and the environment, and its creators were committed to “walking the talk” on ensuring its construction was as sustainable as its subject matter. The Bioviva game was a significant influence in the formation of DBZ and we are proud to still be representing this brand some 25 years on.

Another early product was the Wild Life Creatures range of tyre swings – amazing animal swings created from recycled tyres.

Divisible by Zero is committed to embracing and promoting environmental sustainability across our operations, and in our product range. 

For example, in our product range: 

  • We currently distribute two wooden ranges PlayMe & The Original Toy Company which are both made from purpose-grown certified timber. Other ranges that have timber parts are also sourced sustainably.
  • Our Creatives range of educational games uses a minimum of 75% recycled material in their packaging. 
  • Our Moluk range of toys are made of fully recyclable materials like HD-PE, with no painted pieces, no composite materials that cannot be recycled, and no PVC, phthalates or BPA.Moluk toys are also designed specifically to be long-lasting and multifunctional,designed to grow with children to ensure the resources and energy that went into the production of an item result in as long a useful product life as possible. 
  • We also work closely with our overseas suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of transporting their products to Australia.Past initiatives include collaborating on packaging changes to reduce shipping emissions and on developing more sustainably packaging for products.

And in our operations: 

  • All our office and warehouse lights have been switched to energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Our office uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper which is committed to zero deforestation and is carbon neutral.
  • Our office and warehouse recycle and reuse extensively, including recycling all paper and recyclable cans / bottles, as well as purchasing second hand cartons.
  • We also work closely with our local neighbourhood to be environmentally supportive of each other – for example,we get excess packing material from one neighbour, and we share excess small boxes with another neighbour who is an online reseller, who in return give us their larger excess cartons– so that we can all re-use the materials we have and not have to purchase and transport additional newly produced cardboard.
  • Our office kitchen has no single use items, with the exception of coffee pods, which we recycle.
  • Any e-waste (such as old computers) is recycled via certified e-waste recycling programs.
  • We have limited requirements for business travel, but do attend overseas fairs in order to identify new and exciting products to bring to the Australia market and meet with existing suppliers. We have a policy that all flights are carbon offset using the offsets provided by the airline.
  • We have one company vehicle and offsets are purchased to counterbalance its environmental impact via a provider that follows the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) methodology.

Acknowledgement of Country

Divisible By Zero acknowledges First Nations peoples as the Traditional Custodians and first scientists, innovators and educators of this land and their continuing connections to Country.

We pay our respect to the Elders past, present and emerging